Allegory of Colors

For the women of the Indian Subcontinents or from South East Asia, bangle is a very personal ornament. The impact of bangle in their life is vast; they like to wear those with various colors. With the change of color in nature, in the color of every season, there is bangle. You will find them in various colors and quantities in their wardrobe. It is now an integral part of these cultures. Bangle in a woman’s hands create a romantic metaphor, which liberates the heart of men so diligently.

Colors of Life

Colors of Life

If you look at this photograph, titled “Colors of Life,” taken by Indian photographer Kamalesh Das in Rasmela, a local fair in his city Cooch Beha, West Bengal, you can sense that Allegory of romance, the allegory of colors in it.

Photo of the Day | April 28 | Colors of Life, by Kamalesh Das

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