Ali Berrada

Ali Berrada, is a freelance photographer, who started photography just a year ago. Photography is his passion, his life and his eyes. He likes simplicity in the beauty and creativity in the void. Ali is from Casablanca Morocco. He is traveling the world trying to reach the perfect light, before to be from a country a continent he is from earth, trying to be a citizen of the world. He believes, He just wants to stop time and take an instant moment that last forever.

Camera Gear: Canon EOS Kiss X3
Current Location: Casablanca, Morocco
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Some of Ali Berrada’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Nautilus, by Ali Berrada

Nautilus, by Ali Berrada

One day in Paris while it was raining, I decided to go out with my camera and try some shots even in the bad weather. At one point, the rain was really heavy so...
Camel Since 1913, by Ali Berrada

Camel Since 1913, by Ali Berrada

After 40 minutes of walk on a camel, I took this picture in the middle of nowhere. It was in Merzouga, a desert place in Morocco, 18 km from Algeria. An empty b...

I Hate You, by Ali Berrada
Down the Spiral, by Ali Berrada
Golden Road, by Ali Berrada
It's just Oukaimeden, by Ali Berrada
Nautilus, by Ali Berrada
Camel Since 1913, by Ali Berrada
Drawn Life, by Ali Berrada
Mr Everybody, by Ali Berrada
In love with Miyajima, by Ali Berrada
A Cliché, by Ali Berrada
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Recent Reflections Based on Ali Berrada’s Photographs

Between Love and Hate

Between Love and Hate

There is a very narrow line between love and hate…scientists have proven the same nervous system of the brain is used for expressing both love and hate; althoug...
Desert Life

Desert Life

Desert life may seems exciting to those, who haven't experienced or lived there. People love to explore and reach out to unseen places, so am I. After my journe...

When the Ice Melts
Desert Life
The Greater Perspective of Life
Power of Pain
Round and Round It Goes
The One that Stands Apart
Between Love and Hate
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