A splash of rain

A splash of rain is like a hit of caffeine. Everything feels refreshed, clean and very soothing. In our busy and hectic schedule of urban life, rain is the only natural element that can make a difference. Rain makes you look up from your controlled environment…a data-clattered file, graphics heavy presentations or number-heavy columns, for a fresh clean breath of air. But the best place to enjoy urban rain is in the street. The sound of pouring rain over traffic with a cuppa from the street side cafe or tea stall is beautiful.

Rainy Day, by Tathagata Das

Rainy Day, by Tathagata Das

Cities are hardly affected by nature, except for rain, which is beautifully captured in this photo by Tathagata Das on the street of Kolkata.

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | October 26 | Rainy Day, by Tathagata Das

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