A Spectacle of Love from Nature

With the pride of our marvelous brains and fabulous creativity, we march on the lands and build taller buildings, dams, and bridges, each day. We conclude with evermore pride, that we shape nature. We celebrate our stupendous creations showing these off to others with arrogance. And compete, oh, how we compete, with each other, with nature; our biggest audacity is that we compete with nature.

Just like a little kid that forgets he’s surroundings whilst playing in a mere playground, imaging his castles and forts are as strong as the Windsor and as big as the Ranikot; battles as bloody and deadly as the Waterloo. We let our imagination run wild, far and beyond. We forget how small and insignificant we are; remember that brave little soldier, and the empathy you felt for him? Nature also feels the same empathy for us, we may be brats, but we are her little children. And not every day she berates us, sometimes she shows her love and gives us moments to realize and appreciate her splendour; to stop and rest for a while, to watch in awe, how beautiful an artist she is…

Manhattan Bridge, by Nancy Sámano

Manhattan Bridge, by Nancy Sámano

The dramatic radiance of the clouds contrasts with the gently flowing river…the reflection in the water mirrors the lights and clouds, giving a whole other dimension. With the riverside view of Brooklyn, the moment captured by Nancy Sámano is one spectacular showdown of nature.

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | March 14 | Manhattan Bridge, by Nancy Sámano

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  1. Kimberly Pou
    Kimberly Pou says:

    It’s beautiful! The best picture that I have seen. Thanks for all beauty of this city shown through your eyes.


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