A Rainy Walk

Town is quiet, too cold to walk alone, strangers in overcoats hurry on home. Some hurry on to catch the train; some need the rain to disguise them. The tears in their eyes, and the soul they bear, they need rain to wash them clear. They need the rain so no one can discern what is on their faces. And the others, they stand with their arms wide open under the rain, make a wish to let the light and love full in them. It’s a shower to wash their souls, in the rain to wash away the flaws.

A Rainy Walk

A Walk in the Rain, by Dipanjan Mitra

Rain is like tears; both can give the cleansing and purifying feel! Rain drops must fall, in every individual’s life. Instead of waiting for it to pass, allow it to refresh and wash your soul. Walk your way in the rain and savor every drop! This amazing picture by Dipanjan Mitra reminds me of this question; will the rain wash you clean? What do you think? Let me know.

Article written by: Zahraa Al Hassani
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | February 01 | A Walk in the Rain, by Dipanjan Mitra

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