A perfect reflection

Have you heard the “Reflection” song by Mulan? The words from the song completely strike the heart: “Who is that girl I see…staring back right at me? When will my reflection show…who I am inside?”

These words represent each one of us, and have a deep meaning, projecting a deeper understanding to who we really are, and who we really want to be. Although at times, we find it difficult to portray our positive selves, we all have numerous hidden talents and qualities waiting to be recognized by the world. Our true nature should reflect our inner beauty, someone we acknowledge. There can be much cruelty in the world, bringing us down at every point. But, we mustn’t shudder, instead fight back with confidence and faith in our hearts…let the world know that we are strong enough to withstand whatever is thrown at us.

Blue Hour, by Jens Hieke

Blue Hour, by Jens Hieke

This wonderful photograph by Jens Hieke, the blue mood and its fine reflection, portrays deep thoughts in our minds. This image encompasses our true feelings of “what you see is what you get”. A perfect reflection of our actions and the beauty in our heart can be seen in the smiles on our faces. What would you like your own reflection to be, a mirror image of your heart?

Article written by: Simran Nanwani
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | February 26, 2013 | Blue Hour, by Jens Hieke

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