A caterpillar tale

In our first year, we had to learn about composition, occasionally representing a theme, sometimes it was given, sometimes it was our choice. After a few, we noticed a funny phenomenon: more often than not, our teachers found our works more interesting than ourselves. They found deeper meanings, wiser thoughts and maturity beyond our years in our own work, which off course was not our intention at all. But as the years pass, we realized, our teachers saw the potential in us way before we even knew we had. It was an amazing journey for us, to see ourselves grow into the architects we were meant to be. And now, when we look back at our compositions, we sometimes see those deeper meanings, some wiser thoughts, may be.

Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

Just like this glowing caterpillar photographed by Avik Sengupta, our teachers could see the glow in us, though we are still waiting to see the caterpillar designers to emerge as fully grown butterfly architects.

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | April 28 | Glowing Caterpillar, by Avik Sengupta

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