A Beautiful Vision of Life

Aimlessly, we roam our dream city in the hope of finding ourselves…we search to find our purpose. We visit the Louvre to discover life but lose ourselves in poetry – literature, surrounded by dusk’s beauty and gorgeous ambience…ideal circumstances to escape. We gain a beautiful vision of life.

When the rain came…, by Minh Nghia

When the rain came…, by Minh Nghia

When we look at this photograph by Photographer Minh Nghia Le (Singapore), where he captures the beauty of the Louvre after rain, we realize that here, it is not just about art or culture. The whole beauty is something that transforms the Louvre into a heavenly place and on a rainy day, transforms its surrounds to an ethereal place in which we are absorbed…

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | July 19 | When the rain came…, by Minh Nghia

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