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Throughout the world

Though the magazine is in english, we have social media coordinators at your location, in your language.
Our magazine has now reached more than 162 countries and territories around the world and is still growing. These are prominent countries, from where photographers already joined with us.

At Light & Composition, our goal is to take you towards the true essence of photography. Thus, we are creating opportunities for writers, photographers, and designers to express their unique vision, on the basis of making the world more open and connected with your photographs.

Throughout the world

We are explorers, and for every explorer it’s an endless journey, from one continent to the next, a journey that gives an understanding of people, nature, and culture. Throughout our magazine and books, we are portraying the real images of our civilization, connecting individuals and information.

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Award Rules and Judging

Your presence enriches us on our journey across the world, from the backwater village in Kerala, to the mountains over Alaska.
From individual photographers to the entire photographic community, we need you to step forward and join us.

a powerful medium of expression

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Our team is working very hard to give you real-time information over the network, and that is why we request that you don’t follow more than two accounts in each type of social media, because it sometimes gives the same news across the accounts. When it’s significant, we will let everybody know.

a powerful medium of expression

a powerful medium of expression

a powerful medium of expression

Let’s join this venture, help us showcase the truth of this century, and make this a better world. Get registeredwith us.