Song of Myself

Who are you? Do you think you’re anyone special? Or just one of a hundred, part of a silly chattering crowd? Don’t you ever contemplate on your existence? On your failure, and success of being? Well, maybe we all do at times. And maybe we all conclude at some point. To me this point is myself. My own little self where I exist every day. My little joys, tiny bits of sorrows, my complicated desires, and some contradictory dreams…. with sunshine and raindrops I celebrate my days with me. Sometimes its great to just be and be okay! Not for any great cause, any great responsibility, neither in ecstasy nor surviving any deadly pain, for most, most of the time life means living with self, moments after moments just for the sake of it. So today, I am the one for me! Like Whitman’s ‘Song of Myself’, I celebrate myself and sing myself. After all, self is the only thing that one can have for sure! And for you, here is a beautiful self-portrait by photographer Hugo Baptista, entitled ‘Self’. How do you like this composition? Share your feelings with me!

Self, by Hugo Baptista

Self, by Hugo Baptista

Article written by: Ridita Mizan
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | December 15 | Self, by Hugo Baptista

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  1. Martin Kessels
    Martin Kessels says:

    Both the text and the phito are very moving for me. The combinaton is right on spot! Thanks to both of you. Martib


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