Prasanta Singha

Prasanta Singha considers himself as a travel photographer. He loves to depict the life of inhabitants and portrait of the people and their surroundings. He loves photography as he feels the passion in his blood flowing all the time from the heart to his brain. He has a hope that one day he would be able to contribute at least a little to the magical world of Photography.

Camera Gear: Nikon D3000
Current Location: Kolkata, India

Some of Prasanta Singha’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Playtime, by Prasanta Singha

Playtime, by Prasanta Singha

This shot was taken at a remote village by name Nurpur, India. These local children were playing on the bank of river Ganges.Award Winner: Photo of the...
Smileys, by Prasanta Singha

Smileys, by Prasanta Singha

This shot was taken at Narasinghapur, a very remote village West Bengal, India. I was traveling this village on a photographic tour. This village have stunning ...

The Girl whose Name I Forgot, by Prasanta Singha
Childhood, by Prasanta Singha
Smileys, by Prasanta Singha
At the Doorstep of Almighty, by Prasanta Singha
The Shy Little Girl, by Prasanta Singha
We have to Brighten Our Future, by Prasanta Singha
Sharing Secret, by Prasanta Singha
Magical Smile, by Prasanta Singha
Village Life, by Prasanta Singha
Joy in Every Drops, by Prasanta Singha
Joy, by Prasanta Singha
Rhythm - The Dance of Life, by Prasanta Singha
Yahoo, by Prasanta Singha
Playtime, by Prasanta Singha
Folks at Panchmura, by Prasanta Singha
Still Some Hope Remains, by Prasanta Singha
Hawk's Eye,  by Prasanta Singha
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Recent Reflections Based on Prasanta Singha’s Photographs

Nostalgia in details

Nostalgia in details

Last weekend, I visited a resort in the country. It was lovely, but what I loved most was the view, which was a body of water but dried up for the winter. Peopl...
Partners in crime

Partners in crime

The best thing about a best friend is that you can be your own ridiculously crazy self with them, and they still love you no matter what. They know all your sec...

Soldier of Life
Nostalgia in details
What’s the Right Angle?
Partners in crime
The Divine Innocence
Paradox of Art
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