Into a Single Expression

There are moments in our lives that inspire us; some are colorful, others blacks and whites, fading away, yet they remain special, regardless. We need them to express ourselves; they bring together the life we have, binding together everything, into the oneness we represent. Photography represents these moments. Their design, all the color, textures, patterns; everything becomes beautiful when these aspects merge into a single expression.

Expression of beauty through art is timeless. Its destination is driven by passion, and its tale goes beyond the frame. One cannot express it unless they have the love for perspective, and an urge to represent their visualization, through the enigma of capturing light.

From touching the sun in Bangalore, when the sun is rising, to watching it sink into the horizon by the light house Rhode Island, from exploring the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire, to Mount Bromo in East Java, it is our photographers who venture out again and again, and it is here we resume our journey of Photo of the Day, a journey that expresses the beauty around us, to the coherence of the whole.

From Lalbagh, Bangalore, we visit Texas Creek, with photographer Kari Cvar, when her two daughters placed flowers on the creek, waiting for it to sweep them downstream, it was a wonderful opportunity for any true photographer to photograph.

Some call them the people of fourth world, who are exiles of their own communities. They are not the minority, but the mighty ones, who do not care about race or nationality. They travel, and they explore, they are genuine photographers, who pursuit it is to capture the harmony around us, through the effective and consistent use of all the elements.

From Texas Creek, now we are in Northern Mozambique, with our very own Martian Meyer, who photographed an inquisitive crab on a safari at Chidengulle Beach. Overlooking the hill station of Vagamon, Kerala, with its enchanting monsoon, or the classic english hill top farm, just above Rhewl, near Llantysilio, we are now in Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands, located in the Mediterranean Sea, where photographer Riudavets Ernesto Vidal took us with his two beautiful photographs.

From the sea beach of Menorca, we travel to the Imperial Sand Dunes, the largest mass of sand dunes in California, with photographer Matt Caguyong, and then on to the Oriental room of a cafe from Hasanpasha Han, in the city of Diyarbakir, with photographer Mehmet Masum. Then, he takes us to Hasankeyf, a small town in the southeast of Turkey, where they have many valuable cultural works and a thousand historical caves.

With the photographers Vaibhav, Kari, Martin, Nirmal, John, Riuda, Matt, Mehmet, Sergey, Nuno, Tanmoy, Hairolnizam, Ashwin, Stefanie, Minh, James, Sunando, Peltier, Abishek, Mai, Rohit, Afnan, Andrew, Benjamin, Meet, Joaquin, Matthew, Sarin, Fadil, Prasanth, and Mike, this journey continues through Estonia, Skagen in Denmark, Singapore, Mysore, and the Tasman sea, and then to the Blue with photographer Stefanie Laroussinie, who takes us to the beautiful beach of Epi Island, where one can explore nature in the most picture perfect way.

The true expression of beauty comes in the unity of all color, with photographer Abishek Astana, and his photograph, United Colors of the World, It was in Hampi, a very small village in north Karnataka. Moments later that color becomes alive when we travel to Singapore, for the New Year Countdown at Marina Bay. The hue turns red when we go underwater with photographer Afnan Naser Chowdhury, who photographed Chambered Nautilus.

Before we travel to Bromo Mountain, in East Java, or visit the ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire, it is time to visit the Thar Desert in Jaisalmer. Then we venture to the largest single block of tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world – the Sundarban, and it is here the blue and green mix with each other. Later Photographer Tanmoy Saha Turja takes us to the capital of Dhaka, to show the Inner Colour of Ahsan Manjil, which was the official residential palace of the Dhaka Nawab Family. Now we are going to take a break, in Khor Kalbba,UAE, a very beautiful place, where one can see varieties of birds. However, like every single day, our journey of Photo of the Day does not pause here for long. We travel even further, into a world which is naturally gifted, into a province of Vanuatu, in the islands of Epi and Efate, and the Shepherd Islands, on the farthest reaches of earth….

The Photo of the Day award contest, which started in June 2010, needs your vote to select “Photo of Month” for its eighth month. Please view these photographs by clicking on them. Then re-tweet, stumble on Stumble Upon, and click on the Facebook “Like” & “Share” buttons, or Pin in Pinterest, and let the world know that the true essence of photography lies in the eyes of a photographer, who visualizes and captures the true aesthetic meaning of a scene, with all its elements into a single expression.

Touching the Sun, by Vaibhav Choudhary
Texas Creek Flowers, by Kari Cvar
Here’s looking at You, by Martin Meyer
A Walk in the Clouds, by Nirmal Harindran
Hill Top Farm, by John Tudor
Accumulated, by Riudavets Ernesto Vidal
Bruixa, by Riudavets Ernesto Vidal
Only Smile, by Vaibhav Choudhary
Imperial Sand Dunes in California, by Matt Caguyong
Old Stone Farm House, by John Tudor
Vanuatu Butterfly, by Stefanie Laroussinie
Oriental Room from Diyarbakir, by Mehmet Masum
Botan Babies from Hasankeyf, by Mehmet Masum
A Day on Kuremyae, by Sergey Grachev
Stairs of the Skagen, by Nuno Alexandre
Got you after a long time..., by Tanmoy Saha
Blue Screen, by Hairolnizam Sami'on
Monks in Training, by Ashwin Kumar
Children of Vanutu, by Stefanie Laroussinie
Take me to the Blue, by Stefanie Laroussinie
Bosphorus, by Ersavaş Güdül
Up & Down, by Minh Nghia Le
Winter Wonderland, by James L. Brown
Bad Apples, by James L. Brown
Pure Gold, by Sunando Roy
Sunset over Lago Arenal by John Peltier
United Colors of World, by Abhishek Asthana
The Christmas Project, by Mai Phuong Duong
January Sky, by Rohit Acharya
Filipino Escape, by Stefanie Laroussinie
A Walk to Home by Sunando Roy
Chambered Nautilus, by Afnan Naser Chowdhury
The Sky is Falling, by James L. Brown
Perfection, by Andrew R. Braley
At the Speed of Light, by Andrew R. Braley
Capella Do Sacramento Cloister, by Benjamin Mitchley
Naturally Gifted, by Stefanie Laroussinie
On the Entrance to a New Life, by Tanmoy Saha
Where the Blue and Green Get Mixed with Each Other, by Tanmoy Saha
Tiny Filipino Fish, by Stefanie Laroussinie
Deserted in Desert, by Meet Kochar
Dancing, by Joaquín Alonso Arellano Ramírez
Fireworks at Dashehra Diwali Mela, by Matthew Orlinski
Boy Looking Out of the Window, by Nuno Alexandre
The Inner Colour of Ahsan Manjil, by Tanmoy Saha
Yacht at Epi Island, by Stefanie Laroussinie
Its Resting Time, by Sarin Soman
I heard them talking, by Tanmoy Saha
The End, by Sarin Soman
Horse Power, by Fadil Muhammad Aulia
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