Capturing the Himalayas

The Art of Hiking with Professional Camera Gear

The heart of adventure travel with professional camera gear lies in the concept of the journey itself. It’s a desire to explore and then show it to the world in rich detail. Putting that experience in the frame is an expression of that joy of the ever-changing, ever-constant natural world.

Capturing the Rhythms in Nature

Written and Photographs by Nasrul Eam


Hiking in Himalayas is a first-hand experience for any backpacker. However, for backpacking, inadequate gear could be life-threatening. And for photography, if you choose poor gear, you will see that perfect moment dissolve right in front of your eyes, never to be captured again!

Choose It with Expertise

Whether it is your camera or backpacking gear, you must choose it with expertise, else it will take away all the joy that nature offers. We have you covered, as we provide the most valuable information in this first part of the article.