Achieving a diploma from Light & Composition University is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It will show your ability to learn and accomplish top results. They are Ideal for job applications of particular segments, portfolios, and include it in your CVs. To successfully complete a diploma, one must score 70% or higher in each of its courses. All the courses in any diploma can be credited for other majors where they are part of the core or elective modules. Upon successful completion, we will send you the certificate.

You should only apply for a diploma form this page if you have already participated in all its courses separately or as part of a major. Please note, you do not need to apply for a diploma if you already have enrolled into one separately or paid and booked in advanced for its admission. Diploma application and admission fees are already included with the total diploma fee.

The certification fee for the diploma is a total of $450, which covers the cost of all 5 courses. These fees are essential to ensuring that applicants receive a positive admissions experience.

Certification Fee*
Please choose the title of the diploma that you have finished and what to get it's certificate.

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Explore the Diploma Course Modules

Below are the list of courses that we offer for different diploma titles. All lessons in the courses are with self-paced instructions, which a student can proceed at his/her own speed, but should finish the course within the time frame of 4 months from the day he/she starts the course.

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