Rules of Life by Kirsten Bruening

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein
For a while we all play by the rules, but then comes the time when rules don’t help anymore and we have to fight. Life knows no rules, life plays not always a fair game. Life means we have to decide anew, every day. We have a free will, we can decide every day if this will be a good or a bad day. Life is not a fairy tale, life is life and let live. Accept, tolerate…..As long as I live, when you need help, you will never need to beg anyone to notice. I will act. Thats the only rule of life which ever count.

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Nikon Z7 | Exposure 1/640sec @ f/4.5 | Focal Length 70mm | ISO 1000

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Photo of the Day

Award Date
May 18, 2020



Value 12.5
Clarity 12.5
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 13

Award Category
Still Life Photography

Photograph Location
Cologne, Germany

Kirsten Bruening is an amateur photographer and lives near Cologne. Her passion for photography started in her childhood and she spent many years exploring analogue photography. After a long break of fifteen years, she returned to photography. She loves black and white photography in nature, portraiture, and wildlife. She believes nothing can convey more expression to emotions and beauty than the play of light and shadow. She plans an extra-occupational study in photography and wants to deepen her knowledge.

Current Location
Cologne, Germany


23 replies
  1. El
    El says:

    I like this photograph! There’s something about that photograph that makes me think, life is a game, that what it makes me think. I love that it is black and white, gives you a mystery vibe

  2. project yet unknown
    project yet unknown says:

    I like simplicity. I like complexity. This picture combines both with ease. The composition catches your eye and takes you on a journey to create a bigger picture for yourself. Perfect.

  3. Serg
    Serg says:

    What is black and white photography…?
    Your style…
    Sensual, not cloying sweet, and reflecting the real emotions and feelings of the photographer, with a hidden meaning…
    I love to see every time, to be surprised by these sharp photos…
    Clean air is the art of breathing…

  4. Alain
    Alain says:

    Very simple and yet strong picture. Great composition with a beautiful lighting and mastering of the depth of field.
    Outstanding shot! Very well done and bravo!

  5. Farah Asad
    Farah Asad says:

    Kirsten has captured the essence of still life photography. The depth field and emphasis she has put on the subject has given meaning to them. Excellent work!!

  6. Shamim Mondal
    Shamim Mondal says:

    Absolutely love the shallow depth of field and it’s very cool that only one subject is sharp and everything else is soft.

  7. Sigrid Parthei
    Sigrid Parthei says:

    Amazing.. Such a normal thing found in every household.. in this wounderful composition.. Clear reflection.. Just a perfect shot…


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