From the camera, lenses, and their personalities, to getting the prefect exposure with different artistic perception, from analyzing art and its various core principles, different styles of photography, to embracing the essence of light, we cover every fundamental aspect of photography with five amazing courses that let you see the beauty, unity, and harmony before pressing the shutter and then capture it. Not only you will learn and master the art of capturing decisive moment, different techniques of framing, and the use of aesthetic perspective to express the stories of our lives that go beyond the frames, but also how to make aesthetically pleasing composition in every situation. You will also learn to use the proper structure, balance, and dynamics that bind compositional elements together and transform them into an iconic photograph. The diploma will establish you as a professional photographer, let you get published, awarded, and showcased your best works alongside the top photographers of the world that you always wanted to be.

The cost of this diploma is €245, which includes admission fee for the diploma, five courses, guide books, course materials, exam fees, 1 year award subscription for presenting your work, and certificate.

To successfully complete the diploma, one must score 70% or higher in each course, equipped with precisely written guides, quizzes, assignments that let you follow your intellectual curiosity. Upon successful completion, we will send you the certificate of Diploma from the Department of Art & Photography.

Achieving a diploma from Light & Composition University is a great way to celebrate and share your success. It will show your ability to learn and achieve top results. Ideal for job applications, portfolios, and include it in your CVs, we welcome everyone to enroll into the diploma in the fundamentals of photography.

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