There Is No Limit

Sometimes I wonder if there is more to it, more beyond; or maybe it is just this that I have now and have to conform with it. However, I really can get enough. I have to keep trying to reach the limit; but really! Is there a limit? I want to believe there isn’t, that way I can keep trying and reaching for more and more, and be like the bird that flies high in the sky and travel the world.

Reach the Sky, by Yasef Imroze

Reach the Sky, by Yasef Imroze

Isn’t it amazing how there is a lot to accomplish in this life? Like the title of this reflection says that ‘there is no limit’, we can keep creating goals. And also, something that I love about the photograph “Reach for the Sky” by Yasef Imroze is that the bird is flying free in the sky. It gives a sensation of wanting more. Don’t you think?

Written by: Jose R Negron
Inspired by: Mozart’s Snowflake, by Bill Wilson

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