Yevhenii Tseluiko

Yevhenii Tseluiko, born in the heart of Eastern Europe, Ukraine, developed a fascination with film cameras during his early childhood. His photography journey is driven by a deep-seated desire to explore his inner self. Amidst the challenges of the global pandemic in the second quarter of 2020, while confined to his apartment, he embarked on the SLTD project (Solitude/Isolated), prompting a profound reevaluation of his immediate surroundings and the impact of isolation on the individual psyche. Through his lens, Yevhenii seeks to unravel the complexities of solitary existence, offering viewers a glimpse into the profound effects of the pandemic on the human experience.

Current Location
Vilnius, Lithuania



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Camera Gears

Fujifilm X-T20, Canon A1 (film camera)

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