Sahar Abbasi

Sahar Abbasi, hailing from Iran’s vibrant capital, Tehran, holds a Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and boasts a Photography Certificate from the esteemed Iranian Photographers Association. While her professional expertise lies in graphic design, Sahar’s true passion lies in the art of photography, which serves as a source of solace and inspiration in her daily life. With an unwavering dedication to her craft, Sahar immerses herself in photography daily, allowing its therapeutic effects to soothe her soul.

Driven by an insatiable desire to grow and evolve as a photographer, Sahar seeks guidance and assistance to further her journey in this art form. Through her lens, she endeavors to capture the beauty of the world around her and convey the depths of human emotion. With a commitment to progress and a fervent love for photography, Sahar aspires to continue honing her skills and sharing her unique perspective with the world.

Current Location
Tehran , Iran


Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibitions

Bachelor of graphic design
Certificate of Photography from the Iranian Photographers Association

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Camera Gears

Nikon D70s

Some of Sahar Abbasi’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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