Lydia Sutcliffe

I am a 26 year old who has constantly had a passion for photography and loved doing it for fun and now partially work. I did A & A2 level Cambridge photography exams and came first in the class for two years in a row, selling work picked out by my teacher. Now, at 26, my father gifted me his old Minolta camera, which I had never shot on, or had ever used film. Since then, I have been in love with film photography and am awaiting a new polaroid to come through also. I have travelled with that camera from Auckland, Christchurch, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Portland, San Fran and in every place i had the fire and passion to take the beautiful camera with me. I shoot on my phone also, however, only put my film photography onto my instagram. I get them developed and scanned, if you’d like to see any of my work in better quality. I have yet to make a website, but I plan on doing an exhibition at Studio One in Ponsonby next year.

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SRT-100 – 35mm
Diana F+ Lomography 120 camera

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