Harutaka Ashitate

Haru is a seasoned professional hailing from Tokyo, Japan, boasting extensive expertise in the film and animation industry. His journey spans various facets of the field, including production, producing, rights management, and global business. Over the course of his career, Haru has keenly observed the pervasive phenomenon of information overload in contemporary society, coupled with the resultant acceleration of life’s pace. Within this context, he has identified shifting viewing habits that prioritize time efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Motivated by this observation, Haru embarks on an academic exploration aimed at elucidating the impact of monochrome photography on modern perceptions of time availability. He seeks to delve into how this medium fosters a reevaluation of temporal values and the potential positive transformations it can instigate in the rapid pace of contemporary living.
Through his academic inquiry, Haru endeavors to shed light on the nuanced relationship between visual aesthetics, temporal perceptions, and societal dynamics. His goal is to contribute to a deeper understanding of how artistic mediums intersect with human experiences and shape the way we navigate the complexities of modern existence.

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Tokyo, Japan


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