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Daniel Hou, a.k.a uncle Hou, born in Tainan, Taiwan, a food paradise, in 1991. At 21 yrs old, he starts to realise that only you can cook the most satisfying food for you and your family. A journey to become a chef begins. Studying in SHATEC, a reputable culinary school in Singapore, equips him with essential cooking skills to handle most of the basic ingredients. Working in Shangri-la Rasa Sentosa for 3 years as a cook, allows him to be enlightened by all the professional chefs to have a deeper understanding of food presentation. On Sep 23, 2019, he decides to launch an IG account, to share his home cook meals with others. Throughout the years, his photography skills is improving together with his cooking skills. He is very grateful to all the followers liked and commented his posts. This journey will never end.

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