Aude-Emilie Dorion

Freelance photographer and writer Aude-Emilie Dorion was born in France in 1980. Sensitive to the effect of globalization on modern cultures and the inequity of the world’s economic development, tensions and transformations are at the heart of her creative work. Working in the live performance industry, photography from time to time became the best vector of communication. Aude-Emilie loves artistic photography but has always been attracted by social documentary and photojournalism. When the Art becomes more social and political it reaches one of its primary functions: raising public awareness, acting as a catalyst for political changes.

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Camera Gears

Digital: Canon 5D Mark II
Film: Canon Eos 3, Canon 85mm f1.8

Best Achievements, Educational Background, and Exhibition

3rd Place | Photo of the Month | 4th Month
Light & Composition Top 100 Photographers
Billboard photojournalism contest, “The afghan camp of Jaures”, Melbourne

Some of Aude-Emilie Dorion’s Most Popular Award Achievements

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