At 5 Km/H, by Mercedes Noriega

This photograph was taken at Mechita, a small and desolated town 80 km away from Buenos Aires city. It was a Sunday evening and no one was around these old wagons, which have been abandoned for almost 30 years now. Still, the km sign looked new, as if it had just been painted… as if trains were still going through that stop. Funny cause the train systems around these small towns have unfortunately stopped working in Argentina for a long time now.

At 5 Km/H, by Mercedes Noriega

At 5 Km/H, by Mercedes Noriega

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 08
Award Score: 72 (Value 13, Clarity 13.5, Composition 18, Style 13.5, Skill 14)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Black & White Photography
Photograph Location: Mechita | Argentina

Photographer: Mercedes Noriega (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Registered
Mercedes Noriega is a 28 years old Buenos Aires based photographer and TV & Film producer. Having studied filmmaking at the Universidad del Cine with a degree in Direction of Photography, she moved into an active participation in diverse roles from early in her career. She then transitioned onto the world of commercial television in 2006 where she rapidly grew to become head of production of a Latin-American channel based in Buenos Aires. She has produced all of the channel’s productions ranging from talkshows, documentaries and news magazines as well as being in charge of TV coverage of live events across the world (New York, Sao Pablo, Mexico). In the last year she has progressed into independent production where she is producing corporate pieces for diverse clients.

Her passion is photography, activity which she also develops at a professional level; having travelled the world taking pictures of different cultures, landscapes and societies. She accomplishment in this field includes exhibitions in Argentina and sale of her photos.


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  1. Julio Rovegno
    Julio Rovegno says:

    Great picture !! Mechi, it´s amazing to feel the pathway to that cloudy heaven at 5 kmph ! it touched my heart and should deserve to be the month´s picture, best regards Julio


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