Academic Calendar and Office Hours

Light & Composition University

Welcome to Light & Composition University’s Academic Calendar and Office Hours. This calendar and time table provide information about holidays if there is any, and daily office hours of the faculties. Please note that all lessons are self-paced instructions, which student can proceed anytime at his/her own speed. However, we highly encourage students to finish a course within the time frame of 4 months from the day he/she starts the course to complete the major within the mentioned duration.

2018-2019 Academic Year
No scheduled holidays at the moment. For more information, please visit your academic advising modules page from your dashboard or links below, which has dates based on your progress.

Academic Advising Modules

Explore all the courses for your major, which course to participate and become familiar with important dates throughout the semester.

Getting Started with University Courses

Guide to get started your higher education that includes academic advising module, courses, lessons, submitting quizzes, assignments, and getting grades and certificates.