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The Morning Silence, by Sergiy Kadulin

It was early Saturday morning in the beginning of November, when I did a photo work by the streets of my native city. I met first sun light at the bank of Dnieper River, but later on decided to climb up the Volodymirska Gorka, hill in the center…
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Kyiv at Night, by Sergiy Kadulin

Night view of Kyiv taken from the 20th floor of my friend's house, which is located on the left bank of Dnieper river. The view is on the road intersection at Osokorki district (highway to Borispil airport) and panorama of the right bank of…
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Tulips in the Sunrise, by Sergiy Kadulin

The shot was made early morning, just after the sunrise, at the territory of Kyiv Landscape Park, where annual flower exhibition takes place. Low angle of sun light created nice contrast of shadows multicolor on tulips' bulbs.Award Winner:…