An Exclusive Interview with Sarin Soman

Sarin Soman is a software developer, working and living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is originally from India. He started photography as a hobby in 2005. Up until 2009, most of the photos taken by him were not based on any technical points or compositional aspects. He just clicked, and captured whatever came in his way. From 2009 onwards, he started taking photography as one of his significant hobbies and concentrated more on composition, technical aspects/expertise, etc. Flickr groups, websites, and photography pals greatly helped him in learning photography. His photography is an art that acts as an expression of his soul. It’s not about taking pictures; it’s about capturing moments of time, while simultaneously infusing each image with the emotion of that precise moment. For him, photography is something very close to his heart. Still, he feels that he is just a beginner in photography and has a long way to go. He likes all kinds of photography.
An Exclusive Interview with Sarin Soman

Exploring the Intricacies of Photography with Passion - Part 2

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