An Exclusive Interview with Kamalesh Das

Kamalesh Das is a school teacher. He is 29 years old, who got his first camera in 2007. It was a point and shoot digital camera from Kodak. However when he first took few shots in his friend’s DSLR, he started to think seriously about photography. Then the very next year he took his first DSLR Nikon D40. Though he start taking Photographs on his vacation time but he gave serious attention to it. He realized there are many opportunities to photograph around, even in his bedroom. Till today he uses to see good photos and recharge his energy for good work. Every click in his shutter is new for him, as his past experience gets challenge over there. So He always tries to think different to get new.

In this “Exclusive Interview” section, today we have the opportunity to talk with Kamalesh Das, as his photograph was winner of Photo of the Month – 25th Month, 3nd Place. Let’s discover more about Kamalesh Das, and his forays into photography in the following interview with him.

An Exclusive Interview with Kamalesh Das

Light & Composition: Hello, Kamalesh Das. How does it feel being selected as the winner of Photo of the Month, 3rd Place?

Kamalesh Das: I am honored that my photograph is selected as the winner of Photo of the Month, 3rd Place in a prestigious magazine like Light and composition.

L&C: Your photographs, “For Your Smile”, was selected as Photo of the Month, is a beautiful portrait photographs with artistic perspective, correct lighting, and very well presented. Overall, they are great composition! Tell us more about your experience of taking these two photographs.

Kamalesh: It was taken in one of my all-time favorite places for portrait photography “Lepcheka”. The old man in the photograph is Mr. Pemba who welcomes us to the village on the celebration of Losar, the new year of Tibetan Buddhism. Actually every year there is an archery competition held in Lepchaka during Losar. We went there to get some photograph.

On reaching there I took some shots of their celebration and while roaming in the village I found Pemba uncle who is one of the old handsome guy of the village. I like the costume of the old man who wears the dress of traditional Lepcha community. The smile on his face shows the spirit of the day.

For Your Smile, by Kamalesh Das

For Your Smile, by Kamalesh Das

L&C: Besides this winning photograph, many people liked and voted for other photographs of yours in the Photo of the Month contest. You must be proud. How do you see your journey to the world of photography so far?

Kamalesh: First of all I would like to give thanks all of them. Without their good wishes and blessing I cannot reach this place. A single like button is an appreciation to me. Still now I believe that photography is a continuous process. Every day you can learn at least something if you have the hunger and zeal for it. I never hesitate asking a question to anyone whom I believe an expert in his/her work. A lot of photographer friends help me a lot in my journey. I belong to a good family and friend circle. Their constant support is always worthwhile.

L&C: As we know, you are originally from West Bengal, which has its own rich diverse cultural and artistic heritage. Do you think depicting life in West Bengal portrays a different essence? How much does that influence your work?

Kamalesh: Every person loves his native place. But really speaking, my Bengal has a vast cultural and natural diversity. Different religious celebrations have given me different taste in respect of spiritual essence. On the other hand West Bengal has a diverse geological aspect. From Himalayan mountain
region to beaches of Bay of Bengal and from platue region to jungle of dooars provide a lot of opportunity for portrait, landscape, macro and different genre of photography.

L&C: We see so many different genres of photography in your portfolio. Do you like a particular genre of photography?
Kamalesh: Though I like to take every moment in front of me but I like portraits and macro works very much.

L&C: One of the keys to any style of photography is visualization. Please tell us how you started this process and what you did afterwards.
Kamalesh: Yes I frame the photograph in my eyes first and then I go for it. It helps me to save time a lot. Pre conceived idea or visualization is just like homework before the exam.

L&C: Kamalesh, have you ever exhibited your work? If so, then tell us about your first exhibiting experience.
Kamalesh: No, I never exhibited my work till now.

L&C: Are you involved with any photography organizations? How does this help you in your photography?
Kamalesh: No, I am not involved with any photography organization, though we are thinking of making an organizations in our city. Hopefully in near future we can exhibit our works there.
L&C: What advice would you give our readers who want to take part in the journey around the world with Photo of the Day?
Kamalesh: I believe photography is continuous process. See the work of others, discuss with your senior photographers, and friends. Do not hesitate to ask a question. And do not be geek about your camera and lenses. Just keep clicking.

L&C: Thank you, Kamalesh, for sharing your feelings and experiences with us.
Kamalesh: It is my pleasure, and it is a great opportunity for me to share my views and experience, I would like to thank Light and Composition for providing me such a platform where photographer like me can share their work to the whole world. Thanks once again the juries and whole Light Composition Team considering me for this honor.

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