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Photo of the day 21032012

Under Construction, by Erly Bahsan

Some construction workers set up a stage for a performance at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall complex, Taipei City, Taiwan. In this memorial hall complex, there are the National Concert Hall and National Theater Hall buildings, where usually…
Photo of the day 17032012

Return, by Erly Bahsan

This photo was taken during the chinese new year holiday, January 2012, in Taipei City, Taiwan. During this holiday, the weather was cold, foggy, and raining most of the times. People should prepare umbrella to go anywhere. The city itself was…
Photo of the day 29102011

The Inner Circle, by Erly Bahsan

A street snapshot taken at the side of a junction near Daan Park in Taipei City, Taiwan, where there is a big circle in the ground. An old man with a mask covering his face, passed by another man inside the circle. In Taipei, people always use…
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