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Tales beyond the Frames

Tales beyond the Frames

Moments that we see through the lens give us a gesture; a gesture that descends into the abyss of visual rhythm and harmonies through a kind of intuition. It is an expression that we experience in that very moment; put a frame around and call it a photograph, but the story goes far beyond the frame.

Driven by Passion

If there was a single road that led to every corner of the earth, then surely you, I, and some adventurous few would love to be the first to travel it. Yes, it is our zeal for discovering life, nature, and culture that drives us to be there. It makes us passionate enough to capture it in a frame.

Explore the True Essence of Photography

Almost two years have passed since I introduced one of our most important books in the field of photography: The Quintessence of Photography: Understanding Composition. I have presented it in seminars, workshops, field trips, and photo walks.…