The Act of Closing by Heron Pereira

This black and white photograph captures a worker from the fish market at Ver-o-Peso, on a Sunday when it is closed. Ver-o-Peso is a traditional market in the state of Pará, located in Belém, Brazil. The image metaphorically signifies the act of closing a cycle, symbolizing a new beginning, letting go and locking away something.

Moto G6 Plus | Exposure 1/40sec @ f/1.7 | ISO 66 | Focal Length 4.25

The Act of Closing by Heron Pereira

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May 30, 2023



Value 12
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Heron Pereira, born in Belém, Pará, Brazil, is a talented photographer currently residing in Marituba, Pará. With a passion for photography that spans over eight years, Heron draws inspiration from street photography, skillfully combining modern and ancient architectural elements with captivating human moments. His keen eye seeks out unique angles and scenes, creating a visual narrative that showcases his distinctive perspective. In addition to his love for photography, Heron Pereira also shares a deep passion for music, constantly striving to achieve the perfect harmony between sound and image. Welcome to his captivating profile, where artistry and creativity converge.

Current Location
Marituba, Pará, Brasil


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