On That Cold Wednesday Night by Adriano Mor

On that cold Wednesday night, at the time of the image, the weather forecast promised that the crescent moon would appear between the buildings in the background, and there I stayed. It appeared in the sky as expected, and waiting to photograph it presented me with this beautiful Noir image.

Canon EOS 750D with Lens 18-135 | Exposure 1/30s @ f/8 | ISO 800 | Focal Length 35mm

On That Cold Wednesday Night by Adriano Mor

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May 23, 2023



Value 12
Clarity 13
Composition 18
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Skill 12

Street photographer of the largest city in the southern hemisphere of the planet, Adriano Mor, seeks in his work the purest authentic identity of Brazilian streets, both in large metropolises and in small towns. Born in Birigüi, a small town in the State of São Paulo, he has lived in the capital of São Paulo for ten years, where his interest is to portray the authentic essence – unspoken – of Brazil’s culture, expression, and customs.

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São Paulo, Brazil



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