Air Pollution and the Next Generation by Shovan Acharyya

Air pollution is a major health risk for billions of people living in major cities around the world. Dirtying enterprises, development work, and individual dependence on contaminating types of transport keep on siphoning harmful synthetics into the environment. Air pollution has many sinister health effects, but this newly discovered link between air pollution and the health of the next generation suggests that damaging effects may last for decades in the next generation. The consequences of air pollution on pregnancy and the health effects on the babies. In the babies born to mothers who were exposed to air pollution, there was evidence of widespread inflamed tissues and compromised whole-body function. So if we want to keep our next generation healthy and pollution free, we should take the necessary step on it; and as early as possible.

Canon EOS 60D | Exposure 1/500sec @ f/4.5 | Focal Length 200mm | ISO 400

Air Pollution and the Next Generation by Shovan Acharyya

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Born in Sunamgonj, a small town in Bangladesh, but lives in Dhaka now, Shovan has completed Masters from University of Chittagong in Economics, but is a passionate photographer. He works in a literature and lifestyle magazine as a photographer. He has completed Basic Photography and Foundation course from Pathshala. He likes to work all branches of photography, but his favorite sectors of photography are landscapes, lifestyle, and wildlife photography. He wants to build up his career as a professional photographer.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh




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