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Award Date
July 6, 2021



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 17
Style 12
Skill 12

Pursuing fashion designing from niift and photography as an avocational activity. Loves painting and sketching, and kills spare time by doing anything that involves art and crafts. Cooking freak and a palm reader, wishes to have my own fashion house and an orphanage where I can teach children different forms of art. Communcative, rhetoric, generating random yet creative ideas, playing pranks and party girl are my hallmarks. Passionate about travelling nd visiting all the corners of India is my dream. Loves to capture emotions of people and all the traditions that rich indian heritage holds. Camera in my hand is like a diamond ring worn by a lady. In my opinion photography is the best form of excercise, one can solve many mysteries and can reveal secrets through it. Its the best medium to present day-to-day objects and activities into a different perspective.

Current Location
Phagwara, Punjab, India




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