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Crows Again by Ilyas YilmazCrows Again by Ilyas Yilmaz

Crows Again by Ilyas Yilmaz

Crows again. This time, the crows appeared in front of me in a hotel that I went to in Side, Antalya, Turkey, for a holiday with my wife. This photo I took in the middle of summer reminds me of innocence. The crows are getting close to each other and making love. that's love!..
Human Conditions by Ilyas Yilmaz

Human Conditions by Ilyas Yilmaz

A photo I took while visiting the Aspendos Antique Theater in Antalya's Serik district. The fun of foreign tourists was caught on my camera by chance. Every person has a different world. I call this the "human condition". We all have a thousand and one states that we enter throughout the day. This photograph is actually a cross-section of these human conditions ...
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