The Dreamer by Shovan Acharyya

“I was just 16 when i got married . It was very harsh time for me when I want not to getting married but study. i always like to weaving cloths, begs or other crafty things. It was my dream that i will be owner of a shop but luck doesn’t support that time. Now mother of three children and family is bigger then before. my husband is and farmer and its very tough for him to run the whole family. Now a days I’m also working with the inspiration of my husband .its feel very Proud for me when I can contribute my family by earning. And also happy, when my work is my hobby. When customer buy my product and they appreciate my work, i cant explain what I feel.. One day I must bring my dream true.” – This is how she express her dream to me. I feel very proud to be a photographer when someone told his story and trust me. I love my work very much.

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Canon EOS 60D | Exposure 1/250sec @ f/2.8 | Focal Length 50mm | ISO 400

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Award Date
February 23, 2021



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 12.5

Award Category
Documentary Photography

Photograph Location
Kumilla, Bangladesh

Born in Sunamgonj, a small town in Bangladesh, but lives in Dhaka now, Shovan has completed Masters from University of Chittagong in Economics, but is a passionate photographer. He works in a literature and lifestyle magazine as a photographer. He has completed Basic Photography and Foundation course from Pathshala. He likes to work all branches of photography, but his favorite sectors of photography are landscapes, lifestyle, and wildlife photography. He wants to build up his career as a professional photographer.

Current Location
Dhaka, Bangladesh




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