Humble by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

That day I went for a long walk. On my way I stopped at a supermarket. I was looking around to see anything to take a photo of, and from far away I saw this gentle-man. He looked like he was working hard in a hot summer day, and specially on this crisis time of covid19. I watched him sanitized every single shopping cart by hand. I moved a little closer and press the shutter, so I walked to him, and I made a comment to him, I said, “is tough working this days”, he agreed, he told me that it’s harder and the worse is that some people don’t care, they don’t appreciate the hard work we do for them, but he also said that there is more people that does care and appreciate our hard work, because they know we are risking our lives out here. I admire this man for his humility.

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Nikon Z50 with 50-250mm | Exposure 1/160s @ f/10 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 160mm

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September 21, 2020



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Documentary Photography

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New Jersey, the United States

Jose was born in the small tropical Island of Puerto Rico. Since a child he always had dreams, dreams to become a someone and travel the world. Then when he came to the USA, he confronted hard situations where streets, alcohol, and drugs was always there. However, after many years, one day he woke up and said “this is not for me”, so that’s when he went and completed rehabilitation. He thinks it is life that makes him to love photography, He wishes he had a camera in those crazy days to show the world how people are destroying their lives today. He wants to thank Light and Composition and its staff for letting him follow his dreams and achieve his goals and travel the world to show everyone that its possible even if you are 37 years old, is never to late for anything.

Current Location
Tampa, Florida, USA



6 replies
  1. Josh YJ Jesus
    Josh YJ Jesus says:

    Very nice shot Jose!! This pandemic has change our lives in many aspect, may of us lost their houses , jobs , family members, however, it also has United and make us get closer to the people we love! Good job, keep taking pictures that show us people on their everyday journey.

  2. Dianna
    Dianna says:

    Awww…hey he looks familiar!! We need pix of people working! Bc according to some people….tgere r no jobs…..but ther r PLENTY n he proves it!! Good pix!

    • José J. Rivera-Negrón
      José J. Rivera-Negrón says:

      Hey thanks Dianna. Yes, there’s plenty of jobs but ppl just don’t wanna work


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