There is Always Hope by Jose Juniel Rivera-Negron

Bringing food to their table is not always easy for some people who live in the USA, specially for immigrants, Mexican families that cross the border with their young ones hoping for a better life and following that “American Dream” . But when they get there they confront hard situations, can’t find jobs, live in the streets, and even risking getting in trouble with the authorities because of there legal situation of not having legal documents for work and live a normal life. But “There is always hope”, like this lady that waits every week for that truck full of food donations. I could see the happiness on her eyes picking the vegetables.
“There is always hope”
This photo I took just before going for work, I saw a a bunch of people waiting in line at a park. I’m glad I stayed.

Nikon Z 50 with 50-250mm | Exposure 1/800s @ f/8 | ISO 160 | Focal Length 120mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
October 7, 2020



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 16.5
Style 11.5
Skill 12

Award Category
Documentary Photography

Photograph Location
New Jersey, the United States

Jose was born in the small tropical Island of Puerto Rico. Since a child he always had dreams, dreams to become a someone and travel the world. Then when he came to the USA, he confronted hard situations where streets, alcohol, and drugs was always there. However, after many years, one day he woke up and said “this is not for me”, so that’s when he went and completed rehabilitation. He thinks it is life that makes him to love photography, He wishes he had a camera in those crazy days to show the world how people are destroying their lives today. He wants to thank Light and Composition and its staff for letting him follow his dreams and achieve his goals and travel the world to show everyone that its possible even if you are 37 years old, is never to late for anything.

Current Location
Tampa, Florida, USA



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11 months ago

Muy bonita foto, muy cierto todo lo que se puede pasar por tratar de llevar la comida a la mesa

Josh YJ Jesus
Josh YJ Jesus(@yoshivallejosgmail-com)
1 year ago

Very nice picture!!! Love black and white pictures, but also love the fact that this picture speaks by itself and show us a reality. A reality, that nowadays many people goes through on their daily basis. That’s one of the main reasons I love pics like this.

José J. Rivera-Negrón
José J. Rivera-Negrón(@jose-j-rivera-negron)
Reply to  Josh YJ Jesus
1 year ago

thank you Josh

1 year ago

Love black and White pictures and when come to people is just hard to get the feel in the pic..but I really think the image tells the story and the feelings in each pic i love it. Well done.

José J. Rivera-Negrón
José J. Rivera-Negrón(@jose-j-rivera-negron)
Reply to  Miguel
1 year ago

thank yo Miguel… God Bless!