Freshly Cooked by Vivi Nowotny

I really like cooking something traditional. Traditional cuisine can make sweet memories come back. With that way behind the feeling of food flavor, there is a power of enthusiasm that helps me to learn more and get on again to bring old memories through cooking. Foods are love.

Sony Nex-C3 | Exposure 1/60 sec @ f/4 | ISO 500 | Focal Length 30 mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
October 15, 2020



Value 12
Clarity 13
Composition 17
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Food Photography

Photograph Location
Steyr, Austria

Born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, Vivi Nowotny lives in Steyr, Austria. She likes cooking, baking, and photographing them. That’s why on her biography link photos mostly are Food photographs. For her foods as an object is more interesting and challenging to explore on photography. As a food photographer and also a chef, she likes to introducing her Indonesian foods more.

Current Location
Steyr, Austria


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