100 Years Old Garden by Nadzeya Arbuzava

This photo was taken in the Republic of Belarus, on one remote quiet farm. This is really a very old garden, it is over a hundred years old. I took this photo because there was an incredible atmosphere of calm and peace in the garden. This place is magical, it gives harmony and inner peace. This garden represents Belarus, in my opinion.

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Samsung S7 | Exposure 1/3824s @ f/1.7 | ISO 50 | Focal Length 4.2mm

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February 6, 2020



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Nadya Arbuzava from Minsk, Belarus. She loves to travel and loves life. Graduated from medical university. She always strives to motivate people for the better, to teach to feel life and happiness every day. She loves taking pictures of nature, the sea, flowers, architecture and of course taking selfies. Nadya wants to show people what a wonderful world we live in.

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