Two for the Four by Moslem Azimi

It was a snowy morning when I saw these four girls, who were going to school despite the heavy snowfall. I took my camera and got a beautiful picture of them. A friendly group with only two umbrellas for all for the four girls. They reminded me about my best friends. Do u have a friend like them?

Nikon D7000 with 55-200mm | Exposure 1/250sec @ f/5.6 | ISO 100 | Focal Length 105mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
September 9, 2019



Value 13
Clarity 12
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 13

Award Category
Color Photography

Photograph Location
Paveh, Kermanshah Province, Iran

Even though Moslem Azimi lives in Iran and has Iranian nationality, his origin is Kurdish not Persian. He did his Bachelor of Arts in English Translation. He loves photography, however, he doesn’t have academic education in it. He learned photography by himself. He is part of many photography groups and has been exhibiting his works in both national and international photography exhibitions. Azimi’s goal is to portray the Kurdish lifestyle, method of living, their culture, and tradition thought his photography.

Current Location
Javanrud, Kermanshah Province, Iran


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