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Red Devils by Leanne LindsayRed Devils by Leanne Lindsay

Red Devils by Leanne Lindsay

Dive into the dynamic world frozen in time through this captivating photograph. I've skillfully employed a swift shutter speed of 1/1600 sec, freezing the motion and delivering a razor-sharp image that captures the essence of the moment. Zooming in with a focal length of 190mm, I've focused on the heart of the action, ensuring every detail is vividly portrayed. Despite the potential for cropping due to the angle of view, the deliberate use of a fast shutter speed at 1/1600 sec negates any risk of motion blur, preserving the intensity and clarity of the captured scene. Join me in exploring the intricate details and frozen energy encapsulated in this expertly crafted photograph.
Pink Scene by Ignacio Amenábar

Pink Scene by Ignacio Amenábar

Every year the festival of the "La Virgen de la Merced" on Isla de Maipo brings together local people and tourists to see the parade of the emblematic Chilean characters. Looking the other way you can see people waiting for the parade, this is usually as attractive as the parade itself.
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