Saptpadi by Nehalkumar Talpada

“Saptpadi” it’s part of a Hindu wedding ritual. I clearly remember that day when I have taken this image. Being a wedding photographer, we all Indian photographers know the important of the Hindu rituals. I took this photograph during one of my client’s wedding, a few years ago. When I saw this beautifully decorate betel, I amazed and I clicked it without wasting time.

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Canon EOD 550D with 50mm | Exposure 1/800 sec @f/1.8 | ISo 400 | Focal Lenght 50mm

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Photo of the Day

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October 9, 2019



Value 12
Clarity 12
Composition 18
Style 13
Skill 12

Award Category
Abstract Photography

Photograph Location
Vadodara, India

Nehal Talpada who runs The Wedding Whistlez from Vadodara is a Dedicated and energetic photographer with 6+ years’ of extensive experience in custom and specialized photography. Competent in capturing high-quality images and organizing materials for photo shoots while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times, he has carved a special place in the wedding photography circles. He is conversant with different types of photography techniques and skills including fashion, product,wedding and Candid photography. He and his team make sure that your coveted wedding day celebrations are exquisitely captured and framed into picturesque momentos to the future.

Current Location
Vadodara, India




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  1. niranjna waghela
    niranjna waghela says:

    Nowadays marriage with complete rituals is incomplete without photography in Indian Hindu culture.
    In marriage, there are many steps to be photographed as memoirs for the parents and their groom or bride .
    Looking to this photo clicked by Nehalkumar on it’s minutely details from close up is revealed from the angle of lens & light of the subject- matter that even small items to be photographed is not left. This shows his excellent mixture of knowledge and attractive artistic result of quick click with perfect angle and light to be remembered. Such images are imprinted in one’s mind forever.
    I wish him best luck for future work with astonishing results and awards to his credit

  2. rajendra waghela
    rajendra waghela says:

    Photo of Marriage is an evidence of two souls. There is long tired some Hindu marriage rituals to establish life time bonding of groom & bride.
    For this bonding, both have to go Seven rounds with fun, around the Holi Fire following chanting Mantra of marriage rituals. All this procedure is done quickly and photo shoot for such memorable moments has to snapped up amidst invitees / guests. Nehalkumar has grab such moments to snap a event, and set a far better extraordinary example of sharpness, deep sight of quickness with clarity.
    I wish him Best luck for apex achievement

  3. Kamini Vaghela
    Kamini Vaghela says:

    I really appreciate your amazing photography…it’s a outstanding work…you captured the real feelings n emotions which will becomes memorable for lifetime…I’m very thankful to you for this fantastic photography…I recommend to you in every occasion for bestest cinematography… thanks for awesome photography n fabulous hard work… thanks a lot mr.nehal talpada…


    I love watching the pics of hindu wedding rituals.. But i must say that i have seen much attractive pic then this one.. Lights superb, background first class.. Everything makes me fall in loave with pic.. I just can’t stop myself from looking this pic again and again..


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