Eyad Hussein

Adoring photography even before possessing a camera, Eyad Hussein took photography from a hobby to a form of expressing visual art as well as the world as he sees it from his eyes. It takes a unique perspective to be a good photographer, and no wonder he has that eccentric point of view. Born in Alexandria, Egypt and living in Saudi Arabia, as well as visiting multiple countries including Scotland, England, UAE, Bahrain, and lastly Georgia, enabled him to capture the beautiful sights in each country, thus creating a one-of-kind gallery and experiencing how enjoyable photography can be. He also believes that photography can express various point of views and send important messages to people no matter there social state. Thus this shows the importance of photography and how meaningful can being a photographer be.

Current Location
Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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Nikon D5600

Lenses and Gears
Lens 18-55 mm
Lens 70-300 mm

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