The Shiraz Entrance by Zahra Vatan Parast

There is a beautiful gate at the entrance of Shiraz city that make the entrance of Shiraz very beautiful the entrance gate at night have a wonderful sight that every photographer wants to capture this amazing and beautiful scene. You should visit this entrance at nights and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Canon EOS 750D | Exposure 1/30 sec @ f/22 | Focal Length 295mm | ISO 400

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
November 6, 2019



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 15
Style 11
Skill 11

Award Category
Night Photography

Photograph Location
Shiraz, Iran

Zahra Vatan Parast was born in Iran, and 32 years old. She has a master degree in Psychology. She is now working as family counsellor and also do couple therapy. Zahra is interested in art and crafts, and loves working in artistic field such as woodcarving, music, poetry, handicrafts, and photography. She lives in Shiraz, Iran – the capital of Fars Province.

Current Location
Shiraz, Iran


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