Snack Time, by Preeti Patel

This black faced monkey was sitting on the roof of the car enjoying the view then suddenly gave a quick jump, made him right in front of me. What caught my attention was the difference in his eyes due to a cataract, and I also noticed that he was unable to use his left hand due to some deformity but I found him too sweet to be left unnoticed.

Snack Time, by Preeti Patel

Nikon D3100 | Exposure 1/250sec @ F/5.3 | Focal length: 35 mm | ISO: 200
Snack Time, by Preeti Patel

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 07
Photo of the Day Award Category: Wildlife Photography
Photograph Location: Pushkar, Rajasthan | India

Photographer: Preeti Vinod Patel (Nasik, India) Registered
Preeti Vinod Patel is principal of a High School by profession. Photography for her was a hobby with a point and shoot camera, and which was a faithful
companion on her travels. She was presented her first DSLR 9 months back and since then she has tried her hands at every area of photography. Preeti enjoys shooting candid and street life as every emotion ,every expression, every face leaves her wondering what may be going on in the person’s mind.
Her hobby which was a stress buster for her now is a thirst which will never quench.


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