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Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain

Anubhav Jain is an amateur photographer. He is currently based in Berkeley, CA, but most of his photographs come from his travels. He usually shoots with consumer point-and-shoot cameras, such as the Canon SD1000 or S90. Anubhav is interested in many genres of photography, as he believes all types of photos can tell a story. […]


Water, Sands, City, and the Sky, by Anubhav Jain

Although the Copacabana is the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, a short drive away is the equally beautiful and less crowded Tijuca Beach. This moment captures the water, sands, city, and sky coming together, and a human figure walking along the line of convergence. I timed this shot carefully, but was still lucky […]


Just off Highway 1, by Anubhav Jain

Route 1 in California is well-worn, but is still a great example of the beauty of the West Coast. Along the drive, there are many standard places to stop and take pictures, but then there are also less visible paths that you can explore. One such path revealed a great view of the giant crashing […]