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Lily Drops, by Anubhav Jain

A canceled flight led my wife and I to spend a day exploring Atlanta. We found a fantastical botanical garden that was very photogenic after a recent rainfall. Here, I focused my camera on droplets of water that had collected on some lily pads. I find it interesting how the photo shows a relationship between […]


Make a Wish! by Anubhav Jain

Although this photograph was taken in Lausanne, Switzerland, it could have been taken almost anywhere. But, sometimes even commonplace items reveal something hidden upon close examination. In this case, what caught my eye were the beautiful patterns and gradual transitions in density and tone embedded in the dandelion. You can almost envision blowing it and […]


A Drop of Sunshine

Are tears beautiful? Yes they are. They contain the purest of moments, endless stories of love and helplessness. Its these intense feelings that make life worth living. Sorrow, grief and pain may come and go, but the beauty of a teardrop will always remain. Buried in the heart of eternity, tears will always keep sparkling […]