Award Rules & Judging

We believe in maintaining the principal of art strictly, which is a set of guidelines that helps others appreciate art more deeply. These guidelines
assist in understanding how differently people see the world and to communicate with their unique perspective, which is vital in maintaining a
standard for all art types. The principal is definitely not meant to add stress on artistry but rather for photography, it assists
the emotional bonding a photographer creates with their subject.

Photo of the Month | 50th Month
Photo of the Month | 39th Month
Photo of the Month | 42nd Month
Photo of the Month | 48th Month
Photo of the Month | 41st Month
Photo of the Month | 46th Month
Photo of the Month | 45th Month
Photo of the Month | 44th Month
Photo of the Month | 40th Month
Photo of the Month | 47th Month
Photo of the Month | 43rd Month
Photo of the Month | 49th Month
The great artician of moment
Without following this standard, there is a danger of photography losing its true essence and becoming bogged down to reflect personal opinions. Trends of a particular group can narrow an individual’s understanding of dogmas, segregated by a few. This is why when selecting photographs for this Award, we always follow photography standards precisely.

The first Phase of the Award

In the first phase, our elite team chooses the best photographs from your submission based on the authenticity, standard,
quality, composition, and presentation of your photographs.

Completely unaltered
A photograph must be completely unaltered in order to be eligible
for our competition.

Skill and style
For the initial selection, we also give emphasis to skill and how well the work represents photographer’s style.

The standard
Learn about the standard we
follow from our book,
The Quintessence of Photography.

Mastering Photography
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Inside the true aesthetic world of photography

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Award Rules and Judging

In the second phase, the team sends the snapshot of each of those initial selected photographs to our international juries.

Working autonomously
During the judging, the jury works autonomously, and our team members do not influence the outcome.

Fair judgment
To ensure fair judgment, we do not advise judges of the photographers’ names or any other details.

Award score
Judges give a score out of 80
(Value 15, Clarity 15, Composition 20,
Style 15, skill 15) to each photograph.

Within 48 hours, this procedure is complete. We select the photographs that score more than 50 or equivalent for the award.

Award Rules and Judging

Once your photograph is awarded ‘Photo of the Day’, it automatically enters the next phase, the much-anticipated Photo of the Month.

The special one
To us, all the award-winning photographs are special ones.
Every month, we highlight these photographs many times with the
photographer’s interview, in social media to provide maximum exposure.
Learn more about our vast “Social Media”


Award Marks

An integral part of art
We believe, sharing the work is an integral part of art that will never become passé; and this is what makes Light & Composition special. Our intention when designing the Photo of the Day award was social by design. That is why 20% of the marks are in the hands of the contestant. Together with the photographer, we share the genuine work of art to vast audiences.
Learn more from “Sharing with Millions”

The winners
During this phase, the photographs are evaluated by the number
of social share, and our team will analyze all the social media data,
along with the score from the judges and announce 3 winning
positions on the first week of the following month.
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