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Waiting for Spring, by Gavin Day

A major snowstorm was passing through Toronto so I went down to a park along Lake Ontario where I know Cardinals and chickadees are regular residents. I brought along some sunflower seeds and expected the chickadees to be quite eager for a few…
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Royal Ontario Museum, by Mazhar Hossain

This was my second shot at motion photography at night. I went downtown Toronto to take some pictures at night and I thought the amazing architecture of the Royal Ontario Museum must be in my pictures. Award Winner: Photo of the Day |…
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The Humber Bridge, by Mazhar Hossain

This picture was taken in the The Humber Bay Arch Bridge in Toronto. That was my first visit to the place. There is an excellent view of downtown Toronto from the bridge. Award Winner: Photo of the Day | June 08 Award Score: 62 (Value…
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